Spring PBC Freebies

PBC Sale weekend is a fun shopping experience and the perfect time to get some amazing deals on your favorite planner supplies and discover new shops. 

While all the participating shops have great discounts, fun freebies and tons of things planned for you this weekend, it definitely can get overwhelming at times and hard to keep track of. I have put together this guide to help you understand what freebies we have for you this weekend at MImi Rose Co. 

Grab your notepads and let's start!

1. Scratchards

The sale stars Friday May 25 at 9 AM EST. The first 100 orders at Mimi Rose Co. will receive a scratchcard in their order. Scratch it and win either a coupon between 20-40% off for your next order or a shop credit ranging from 10$ to 30$. One lucky winner will win a 50$ credit. You're guaranteed to win!

Samplers PBC.png

2. General Sampler

All orders during the sale receive this exclusive sampler only available during PBC weekend (see above).

3. Super Sampler

Orders over 50$ Cad receive the exclusive Spring themed super sampler that has a variety of stickers avialable in our shop.

PBC die cuts.png

4. Die-Cut Pack

All orders over 80$ Cad receive a die-cut pack of 5 Spring themed die-cuts to decorate your planner. You also receive all the samplers pictures above.

PBC Dashboards.png

5. Dashboards

We have decided to do a fun thing this time around and include dashboards with every order. The first 100 orders on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will receive the dashboard designs pictured above! How fun :)

6.  Saturday Exclusive

The first 30 orders on Saturday will receive a foiled date cover sampler created in collaboration with a few other shops! Check them out and collect all the samplers for a matching set.


That's it for now! Of course, there can always be fun surprises during the weekend, so I suggest you check in on our Facebook group, Instagram and the PBC group so you don't miss out on anything.

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Thank you so much, everyone, for your support! I hope you all have a great shopping weekend, happy planning!

P.S. If you find one of our PR girls this weekend, mention her name in the checkout notes for a special sparkly surprise!